Free National and International Phone Calls

I felt suspicious at first too, but after trying I was stunned! They are actually free although as you probably expected, there is a teeny weenie catch.

The catch:
Free calls last for 1 minute unless you have credit in your VoipStunt account. You have to purchase a minimum of 10 Euros (~$14) every 120 days to keep your account active.

In a nutshell:
For $3.5/month you can make free PC-to-Phone calls to the following countries:
Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Monaco, Mongolia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Singapore, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela

I personally think that this is one hot phone deal, especially if you make a lot of international calls. Give a try, without buying any credit (and without using your credit card at all), and decide whether it suits your needs.

Canadian Deals: CHAMPS Sports 30%

CHAMPS Sports are having a friends and family 30% discount from the 31st March till the 2nd of April. You need to go to , print out the certificate and present it to cashier at time of purchase.

Canadian Magazines: Aeroplan Deal

 Maclean's Magazine Deal  Chatelaine Magazine Deal  Fitness Magazine Deal Today's Parent Magazine Deal

First of all, this post is dedicated to the Smart Canuck, Ryan 🙂
Rogers Magazine Service has teamed up with Aeroplan to offer a relatively hot deal on magazine subscriptions. You get up to 83% discount on magazines plus 350 Aeroplan miles for each magazine subscription. You can find .

Who is this deal for?
– If you’re a serious Aeroplan collector, this deal is definitely scorching hot.
– If you were going to subscribe to the magazine anyway and you are not a Rogers customer this is probably the best subscription deal you can get.

If you’re a Rogers customer I still recommend Rogers Reader’s Advantage deal instead.

Home Depot Hammer Drop

This sounds interesting:

So Home Depot are joining the deals craze! Here is what they had to say about their Hammer Drop Deal:

Visit every morning at 8am EST and find a product at a price not available anywhere else – not even in our stores. We’re not talking about getting just 10% off, either. We’re talking about huge savings – so huge that it’s important you buy fast, because once the limited stock disappears (and trust us, it will) the deal is gone for good.

Nothing has ever forced me to wake up at 8am. Let’s see if Hammer Drop manages to pull off a miracle.

Grannies Loves iPods

Or at least that’s what Shoppers Drug Mart employees and managers think after every Seniors’ Day! The number of iPods sold on every Seniors’ Day is just unbelievable! Why you ask? Well at 20% discount, this is probably the second best offer (best offer was here) you can ever get for a brand new iPod Nano or iPod Video.

Shoppers Drug Mart

This Thursday (March 30th) is Seniors’ Day once again at Shoppers Drug Mart. Time to take your granny to Shoppers and buy that iPod you’ve been dreaming of. Here is how much a 20% discount will save you (in Ontario):

iPod Video 30GB
before: $379 + 15% taxes = $436
after: $379 – 20% + 15% taxes = $349
you save $436 – $349 = $87

iPod Nano 4GB
before: $299 + 15% taxes = $344
after: $299 – 20% + 15% taxes = $275
you save $344 – $275 = $69

iPod Nano 2GB
before: $249 + 15% taxes = $286
after: $249 – 20% + 15% taxes = $229
you save $286 – $229 = $57

Free Tax Filing: Canadians with Low Income

Individuals or families with total income of $25,000 or less can file their income tax for free at .

This is mentioned in’s .

Free Tax Filing: Post-Secondary Students

The income tax filing deadline is fast approaching! So here is yet another guide on filling your income tax return for free if you’re a post-secondary (university, college, etc.) student. Note that can be fully trusted and is certified by the Canadian government.

The Canadian Federation of Students and, Canada’s government certified online tax program, bring you free tax filing for all Canadian post-secondary students.

First, jot down this special Free for Students code: FAY1493

Here’s the deal:
The Canadian Federation of Students and, Canada’s #1 online tax preparation Web site, have joined together to provide FREE online tax preparation and filing for all Canadian post-secondary students.

How to benefit:
Go to from February 15 until May 1, 2006, and or access an existing file. Enter all your tax information including your tuition fees and the number of months at school.

Enter the Canadian Federation of Students Free for Students special offer code (FAY1493) in UFile’s special offers gateway and your 2005 tax return is absolutely free! Print or NetFile your return whenever you are ready at no charge!

Who is eligible?
To be eligible for this special offer, you must be a resident of Canada, have tuition fees and at least one month at school in the tax year 2005. You must also be designated as the FAMILY HEAD (the primary member of the family) for purposes of your tax file in UFile.

Do I have to file my return right away?
No, you can take advantage of the offer at any time from February 15 until May 1, 2006, and file whenever you are ready. Remember, tax season ends May 1, 2006, and any returns with taxes due will be assessed penalties and interest on outstanding balances. For self-employed taxpayers, only interest charges apply up to June 15th, 2006.

4×6 Digital Prints for $0.12 at Loblaws Photolab & Walmart’s PhotoCentre

is offering 4×6 digital prints for $0.12 each (from March 25 to April 2 only). You can place your order online at and then pick-up you photos the same day, or you can directly place your order in-store.

Walmart has a similar offer but it is only available online at .

Loblaws Photolab

Free Canadian Samples

Here are some free samples. Please only order the ones you’re genuinely interested in using.

(only if you’re seriously interested please)

Other freebies (not samples):
redeemable at some of Toronto’s top restaurants

Canadian Coupons

Canadian Coupons Save.caHey all you coupon freaks! pointed out that you can get some pretty good coupons (grocery discounts) from . All you have to do is choose the coupons you want and will ship them to your mailing address free of charge.

Update: more info and coupons here

Free & Cool Phone Service

provides a free service that will call any phone number in the US/Canada and read a text message that you have written to that phone number. It is so easy, quick and fun and is definitely worth a minute of your time. You can try leaving funny messages for your friends too! Check it out .

20x at Shoppers Drug Mart = an iPod Bargain

Canadian Deals SDM 20x
This Saturday (25th March), Shoppers Drug Mart is offering 20x optimum points. If you’re planning on buying an iPod (or any other costly item) this is an amazing opportunity to get the best possible deal. I assume you have Shopper’s Optimum card. If you don’t you need to apply for one before you can start collecting points. Here is how you can make use of the 20x bargain:

Regularly, you collect 10 Shoppers Optimum Points for every $1 you spend at Shoppers Drug Mart. On a 20x day you get 20 times the points i.e. 20×10 = 200 Shoppers Optimum Points for every $1 you spend

 So for iPods you’ll approximately get:
– iPod Video 30GB costs $379 so you get 379 x 200 = 75800 points
– iPods Nano 4GB costs $299 so you get 299 x 200 = 59800 points
– iPods Nano 2GB costs $249 so you get 249 x 200 = 49800 points

You can redeem these points for huge savings. Here is how much you can redeem your points for:

Shoppers Drug Mart 20x

So buying an iPod video on a 20x day would get you a discount of $150.
For the iPod Nano 4GB you get a discount of approximately $110.
For the iPod Nano 2GB you get a discount of approximately $80.

You’ll find it ALMOST impossible to get a better deal on iPods so if you’re planning on buying one, this Saturday at Shoppers Drug Mart you can get an awesome deal.

We’re Free Obsessed

Tips & Tricks

We're Fresh Obsessed tooIt’s no coincidence that Fresh and Free both start with the same three letters. At A&P, Dominion, Ultra Food & Drug and The Barn Markets store you’ll always get your grocery fresh or free. Yes that’s true! Although most customers have heard of the “We’re fresh obsessed” slogan very few know that it means you can get your grocery for free (and fresh too) if it’s not originally fresh. So here is how it works:

If you find any spoiled item at A&P, Dominion, Ultra Food & Drug or The Barn Markets store, just take that spoiled item to the Customer Service Desk and they’ll give you one fresh replacement free of charge 🙂 Yes, it’s that simple!

What is a spoiled item?
Well according to them, it is any item where the “best before” date has passed. Products with “Best Before” dates are considered fresh until midnight the day before.

What is not a spoiled item?
– Minor food bruises and discolouration occur naturally and don’t affect freshness.
– Damaged or reduced items are excluded – this includes Extra Ripe Produce.
– With multiple items like a bad banana in a bunch, they’ll only replace the individual item.
– Since organic grown produce can appear blemished or less fresh due to the lack of pesticides and fertilizers used, it isn’t included in this free guarantee.

So in a nutshell, if an item’s best before date has been reached, just take that spoiled item to the Customer Service Desk and they’ll give you one fresh replacement free of charge.

Please leave your comments and let me know what you think of my articles. Thanks

Disney World Resort Free Vacation Planning Kit

Free DVD and Planning Kit

Spring is in the air! This is a good time of year to start planning your vacation and there’s nothing better than a from Disney World Resort, Florida. I got this kit last year and it consists of a DVD, a map of the resort and a comprehensive planning guide (including pricing, hotels, travel etc.). If you’re interested in visiting Disney World, I strongly recommend that you order this free kit from .

Free T-Shirt from Sun

Yes! a free T-shirt. to visit Sun’s website and get your free T-Shirt 🙂

 Update – this offer has expired

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